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Pest Control in Calabasas

Black AntsCalabasas is home to a wide variety of pests, and its climate often causes unwanted visitors such as scorpions to head indoors. The vegetation throughout Calabasas makes it especially attractive to pests, and the average temperature varies from 41 to 82 °F. It is important to note that the cities within the Calabasas experience lower temperatures than the outlying areas, and this is another reason that pest infestations can become prevalent. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by working with the professional technicians at Vertex Pest Solutions.

Ants: More Than Just a Nuisance

There are many types of ants that thrive in communities such as Thousand Oaks, Westland Park, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills and Oak Park. Although every ant species can be frustrating to deal with, some of them are also dangerous. For example, carpenter ants will begin destroying the wood inside your home if you do not take action right away. Additionally, some species bite, and this can lead to allergic reactions. Fire ants can cause people to end up in the hospital, and the highly invasive Argentine ants will also bite if they feel threatened. Therefore, if you begin noticing ants in your house, you should contact Vertex Pest Solutions before the situation gets out of hand.

Ants can be very small or much more easily noticeable, and they tend to be brown, black or red. It is easy for ants of any species to gain access to your home via tiny cracks or holes, so make sure that you get these access points repaired right away.

Bed Bugs: The Nation's Fastest Growing Pest Threat

Have you woken up with itchy spots on your skin or dried blood spots on your sheets? If so, your home most likely has bed bugs. These tiny brown pests are distinguishable due to their flat and oval body. They can enter your home in a wide variety of ways, including in the soles of your shoes, inside a suitcase or in used furniture.

Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of it, and it is absolutely necessary to rely on a professional pest control company to take care of this task. Until the infestation has been properly treated, you can expect to continuously experience very itchy bites. Due to this, many people who deal with bed bugs also end up suffering from insomnia and even short-term psychological issues.

Scorpions: Small But Deadly

California residents should definitely keep an eye out for these oddly shaped pests that look like a hybrid between a crayfish, ant and spider. Most scorpions are tan-colored, but it is possible to encounter a different color such as yellow, red or black. The most instantly recognizable physical characteristic of a scorpion is its stinger.

Interestingly, the scorpion's pincers will help you determine how poisonous they are. Although it is easy to assume the opposite, you actually need to be more careful around scorpions that have small and slim pincers. A sting from one of these pests can cause convulsions, difficult breathing, intense pain or even death. Scorpions can get into your house via cracks and holes, and they often hide in dark areas.

Take Action with Vertex Pest Solutions

If you are having problems with pests such as ants, scorpions or bed bugs in your Calabasas home, contact Vertex Pest Solutions today at 888-708-5355 to receive a free quote.