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Glendale, CA Pest Control

Home to some of the country's well-known companies and the final resting place of the nation's best-loved celebrities, there's a lot to love about Glendale, CA. Glendale was once named Neighborhood of the Year by Los Angeles residents, and the sunny weather contributes to its reputation for providing a high standard of living. But even Glendale isn't immune to the curse of pests. From termites to rats, local pest populations can cause problems in even the best communities.

Residential Pest Control

Vertex Pest Solutions offers safe, effective pest-control services to protect your household from a wide variety of creepy crawlers. While stinging insects, rodents, cockroaches and certain other pests threaten the health and safety of your family, some can damage your home and its contents. Some pests are hazardous to your garden and lawn, while others are simply nuisances. The licensed pest-control experts at Vertex help keep you safe and comfortable by identifying, eliminating and preventing infestations.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners in the Glendale, CA, area rely on Vertex to protect their reputations and finances. An infestation can do irreparable damage to a business, especially if news of a pest sighting reaches a large audience via social media. Pests can also hurt your bottom line by damaging equipment, inventory and supplies. And if your company must meet standards set by health departments or other agencies, infestations can affect compliance. We serve all types of businesses, including the following:

  • Food Processing / USDA
  • Grocery Stores and Other Retail
  • Rentals and Real Estate Companies
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors
  • Commercial Property Management Firms
  • Schools, Hospitals and Other Public Institutions
  • Restaurants, Hotels and General Hospitality Services

We can help you tackle the unique pest-control challenges faced by businesses in every industry.


We provide inspections, pest treatments and information on preventing future infestations by the following pests:

With decades of experience behind us, the team at Vertex Pest Solutions can help keep your home or business free from the threat of various types of pests. From invasive nuisances to potentially dangerous species, count on us to protect the people, pets and property in your life. Contact Vertex online or by phone at 888-708-5355 to schedule a consultation.