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Granada Hills Pest Control

If you enjoy small towns with an upscale vibe and welcoming environment, you will feel right at home when staying in Granada Hills. This location is not overpopulated but still offers a range of diverse cultures and people from many backgrounds and walks of life. A short drive from major parks and attractions, Granada Hills is never too far from the action, so you will always have something to do no matter your hobbies.

Even though the town has many benefits, it also comes with a few downsides, such as pests. Bedbugs, termites, rodents and other pests can strike when you least expect it. They can cause damage to homes and result in reputation damage to businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Pests can cause many problems for homeowners if nobody spots and addresses the issue at the first sign of trouble. Rodents that get inside your home can spread diseases as well as harm your property. They can chew through your walls and damage your wires. Termites get inside your walls and eat the wooden parts of your home, which leads to structural damage and repair fees over time.

Although bedbugs don't spread diseases, they can cause stress and are next to impossible to manage without a professional touch. Our team will come to your home and ensure the pests won't come back anytime soon.

Commercial Pest Control

If you run or manage a business and suspect pests have gotten onto your property, you don't have any time to waste. You have a lot more concerns than homeowners when facing this threat. For example, the health department can shut you down or issue fines if you don't find a fast way to rid your business of the invaders, but that is only the start.

Your past and current customers don't want to see pests when they do business with you, and some of them will post pictures to online review sites when they spot them, causing your reputation to take a hit. When your business is on the line and you don't want to take the risk, let our team come to your property and safeguard your bottom line. With your needs in mind each step of the way, we will give you results of which you can be proud.

Getting Started

Although pests can make trouble for homeowners and business professionals, the caring team at Vertex is ready to shield you from the threat. We will speak with you to understand the situation and your desired outcome. Once we have an idea of what to expect, we will search for and find any pests that are overstaying their welcome.

If you get started right away, you can get the first service free by signing up for a 13-month service agreement, which gives you peace of mind. If you would like to take action so that you can keep pests at bay, Contact Vertex Pest Solutions today.