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Green Products

Vertex Pest Control is pleased to offer the finest Green pest control products available today. Vertex takes pride in its Green line of products, which can match the environmental concerns of the public.

What does that mean?

It's a catch phrase we hear all the time but what does it really mean to be green or using green pest control products? Vertex has long embraced more natural, safer, organic pest control solutions because we understand the potential risks associated with the pesticides used by other companies.

Let’s look at the normal pesticide cycle. Pesticides are sprayed to kill the pests in your home, work or garden. These pesticides don’t just affect bugs; they are released into the environment, the same environment that we share with our children, pets and plant life. Pesticide toxins are designed to kill their target, but unfortunately, the side effect is the very real potential that they can at the very least make us sick and in the worst case lead to the death of our pets, plants or families.

While placing our environment at risk toxins present another insidious danger. These deadly toxins will kill some bugs, but it won't kill them all In fact, what we will be left with are the strongest bugs. They will continue to breed, producing even stronger offspring. This will ultimately lead to the creation of a super pest and a much tougher enemy to contend with. In addition to this, pesticides help to destroy their natural predators and other helpful organisms that would normally assist with the elimination of unwanted bugs. This leads to yet further cause decay of our environment.

At Vertex Pest Control we were thinking about using safe, environmentally friendly products well ahead of everyone else. For over fifteen years our focus has been on utilizing the best organic products designed to help you eliminate the little pests in your life. Our focus is on nontoxic repellants made from biodegradable, organic ingredients.

Understanding the Organic Cycle Solution

Vertex Pest Control has carefully constructed an organic pest solution that safely alters the pest cycle. We introduce environmentally friendly, nontoxic, organic products that target your existing pests, eliminating them safely without harming your family, pets and plants. Also, and this is very important to the organic cycle, our organic products allow the good bugs, those that naturally eliminate the pests to continue to flourish leaving nature’s entire healthy cycle intact.

It is important to understand what is going on in your home or office once you quit using toxins to fight your pest problem. You might notice that some bugs may return back to your home or garden. This is normal as your environment works to regain its natural balance. However, after a season or two, you will note the healthy balance of nature has returned as a diverse community of ‘good’ insects thrives. Vertex Pest Control will help you achieve this goal and maintain it by utilizing the best, pesticide alternatives that focus on biological control with organic, toxinfree repellants.

Green Product List:

Green Pro Certified
Quality Pro
EcoPCO ACU Safety Data
EcoPCO ACU Unscented
EcoPCO D X Dust
EcoPCO WP X Wettable Powder
EcoEXEMPT G Safety Data
EcoEXEMPT IC Safety Data
EcoPCO WP X Safety Data
EcoPCO AR X Safety Data
EcoPCO D X Safety Data


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