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We take safety seriously, but for our customers and our employees. Here you will find important safety information including links to various state and federal agencies and MSDS sheets for all the products we use.

For your own reference, we have included some links to sites that can provide you with additional information on the products and treatment methods we use.

California Structural Pest Control Board - This is the government agency in charge of regulating pesticide use in the state.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Federal organization that looks after the safety of consumers and environment.

Pest Web - Site dedicated to pest biology, pesticides and a consumer help guide.
PCOC - Pest Control Operators of California. This is a private, non-profit organization created to help any participating pest control company or operator improve on safety and customer service. If you have any further safety related concerns that are not addressed in these links, please contact the office.

Label List

bay kicker msds
bay Ant Killer Bait Gel
borid msds
borid specifications
Avitrol Label
Avitrol MSDS
Borid Label
Borid MSDS
CB80 Extra Labels
CB80 Extra MSDS
ULD BP100 Label
ULD BP300 Labels
Deadline M-Ps Label
Deadline M-Ps MSDS
Delta Dust Label
Delta Dust MSDS
Demand CS Label
Demand CS MSDS
Demand CS MSDS2
Diltrac Tracking Powder Label
Diltrac Tracking Powder MSDS
Kicker Label 
Kicker MSDS
Fly Gel Label
Fly Gel MSDS
Gentrol Aerosol Label
Gentrol Aerosol MSDS
Gentrol IGR Concentrate Label
Gentrol IGR Concentrate MSDS
Maki Blocks Label
Maki Blocks MSDS
Maxforce Ant Gel Label
Maxforce Ant Gel MSDS
Maxforce Fine Granulate Ant Bait Label
Maxforce Fine Granulate Ant Bait MSDS
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel Label
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel MSDS
Purge III Label
Suspend SC Label
Suspend SC MSDS
Talstar CA Label
Talstar CA MSDS
Tempo WP Label
Termidor Label
Termidor MSDS
Termidor Label2
Termidor MSDS2
Wilco Goher Bait Label
Wilco Goher Bait MSDS
ZP Tracking Powder Label
ZP Tracking Powder MSDS
Archer Label
Archer MSDS
Cynoff WP Label
Cynoff WP MSDS
Dragon SFR Label
Exciter R Label
Exciter R MSDS
Maxforce Fly Spot Bait Label
Maxforce Fly Spot Bait MSDS
Intruder HPX MSDS


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