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Northern Los Angeles Pest Control Services

There are several problematic pests in the northern areas of Los Angeles. Some of the most troublesome of these are known for multiplying quickly, which makes them even more difficult to eradicate.


These pests are small, round, flat and brown. They can be picked up from hotels, workplaces or other homes. Finding bedbugs can be difficult. Some people do not even think to look until they notice the telltale red bites on their skin, which usually appear in a straight line. Bedbugs are often accompanied by a musky smell and black specks of waste. They usually live in or under mattresses and furniture.

Los Angeles TermitesTermites

All four types of termites are destructive. They may consume dry or wet wood. Termites are found in trees, under homes, in attics, behind walls and in garages. To identify these pests, look for the small dirt tubes they often build along the bottoms of exterior walls. They also enter homes through tiny crevices along windows or doors. The wood they consume may sound hollow when it is tapped. A pile of discarded wings is a sure sign of an infestation that needs immediate attention.


Roaches can take over entire homes quickly. They do not limit their excursions to kitchens. While unsealed food and bacteria attract them, they can survive for long periods of time without nourishment. These pests enter homes through drains and cracks.

Each of these pests can cause either health problems or property damage, so it is important to call an exterminator immediately. Call Vertex for a free quote today.