Vertex Pest is a specialty provider of bird removal and prevention services. Businesses and residents of California, Nevada and Arizona should quickly realize that innocuous-looking birds can cause serious problems. Many people do not consider the possibility that birds will leave a serious mess until their nests and perching behaviors have been firmly established. For the best results, make sure to learn about your options before any birds settle on your premises.

Birds and Nesting Problems

Birds may look cute from a distance, but they can be difficult to control once they build a nest on your property. They excrete in large quantities, and this can end up all over your cars and walkways. This can be a problem for any human space, but it is particularly damaging for businesses. However, the right solution should be appropriate for the type of bird and the degree of the potential problem.

Some businesses use physical barriers to prevent birds from perching or nesting on the property. There are also physical structures that can do the same for lamp posts or electrical wires. Gutters and balconies are other locations that are likely to be occupied by birds. Birds that live close to the ground present a different set of problems.

Vertex Solutions

Vertex is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of bird-control services to all of our valuable customers. In addition, we provide new customers with a detailed evaluation of the nature and extent of the problem. This can be incredibly helpful when you are designing your solution. Vertex Pest provides many affordable options. Contact us today for more information, and take advantage of our free quote.

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