Keeping your employees and customers safe requires you to be proactive about pest control. Roaches, rats and mice can spread disease and result in serious health code violations that can negatively impact your success as a business. We are able to help you with your commercial pest control needs.

LA Roaches, Rats and Mice

Roaches, rats and mice are all pests that are known to spread disease. Roaches carry disease on their legs and spread germs while traveling through a building in search of food. These pests can lay eggs or leave excrement within the walls of a building, so getting rid of a roach problem requires the expertise of a professional exterminator.

Rats and mice often carry disease through fleas. Rodents are also able to chew through wires to create an electrical hazard that may result in a fire. 

Commercial Pest Control Problems

Pest control problems are not just a health issue when it comes to commercial properties. While the health of employees and clients is a priority, business owners also face health code violations and fines when pests are present. The importance of quick, efficient extermination makes it essential for a commercial property owner to contact an exterminator.

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