Roaches are perhaps the most disliked of all insect pests. Able to invade homes where food particles and water are easily accessible, they can explode into large populations virtually overnight. Once the colony has become ensconced behind walls and under floorboards, it will be extraordinarily difficult to eradicate. At Vertex, we offer a number of effective fumigation techniques.

In general, roaches have elongated bodies and small heads. The species that are found in Los Angeles, as well as in all of California, Nevada, and Arizona range in color from light brown to black. Typically, home-invading species are not much bigger than a thumbnail. During severe infestations, egg cases and black droppings will usually be found in the affected areas. Roaches are especially hardy insects and can survive for days on bits of stray organic material. Most infestations begin in the bathroom or kitchen before moving into other regions of the residence.

Roaches are known to carry a number of different diseases. Dysentery, typhoid, and several species of parasitic worms are common. Because the roaches also tend to produce droppings everywhere they go, men and women who have been diagnosed with asthma may have problems breathing. Roaches also carry an array of more ordinary germs that can nevertheless cause flu-like symptoms in humans. Large colonies might even penetrate previously secure food containers, which will then have to be thrown out.

In the end, roaches are stubborn creatures that have a peculiar knack for avoiding complete elimination. With our sophisticated extermination techniques, we can develop a plan of action that will remove the insects once and for all. To get started, contact Vertex for a free quote.

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