A number of termite species thrive in the Western United States, and several of them are highly destructive to buildings. A reliable pest control service is the best way to defend your home from this destruction. Vertex Pest proudly serves California, Arizona, and Nevada for commercial clients. We also provide residential termite control services to all of Los Angeles county in California. This includes the city of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Valencia, Granada Hills, and Santa Clarita as well as the surrounding areas. Our pest control experts are trained to deal with infestations of any size.

Termites are social insects, and they live together in densely populated colonies. These colonies typically house more than one queen, and each queen can lay many thousands of eggs at a time. A nest of termites can contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of insects, and they will continue to spread as long as food is plentiful. Termite workers are in charge of collecting the food and distributing it to the rest of the colony. This food can consist of any plant matter containing cellulose, an important structural compound.

Unfortunately for homeowners, wood fiber is an ideal source of cellulose for many species. Any building with construction timbers or other wooden components can become a target for a swarm of hungry termites. Termites are voracious eaters, and they gnaw on their food sources 24 hours a day. Concealed beneath the soil, they can consume many pounds of wood without being detected. Unless the infestation is dealt with quickly, the wooden structures in a home may be damaged to the point that they require extensive repairs.

These repairs are often costly and are typically avoidable. If you are dealing with a termite infestation, call Vertex for a free quote. We will quickly and thoroughly eliminate the termites and make sure colonies steer clear of your property in the future.

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