At Vertex Pest, we encourage you to learn about ant control. Ants are one of the most commonly overlooked pests in most modern households. Vertex surveyed our clients over a period of years, and we have discovered that many people still do not recognize ant infestation as dangerous or problematic. They are often perceived as a mere nuisance, which is true; however, there is more to these little critters than initially meets the eye.

Identification of Ants

In order to successfully control any ant infestation, it is necessary to have a response that is appropriate to the particular species of ant. Some ants are almost identical in appearance to termites, so it is important to accurately identify the ants in order to neutralize them.

Some of the most common types of ants include:

  • Fire Ants
  • Honeypot Ants
  • Argentine Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Pharaoh Ants
  • Ghost Ants
  • Carpenter Ants

The Dangers of Ant Colonies

Different geographical locations experience a prevalence of certain types of ants. Burbank has a large variety of ants, and the suburbs in Californians are also prone to infestations of pavement, carpenter and fire ants. The desert ants of Nevada and Arizona also present a continuous problem for residents. Some ants can spread diseases, and they are attracted to any type of food.

While it is true that individual ants rarely pose an immediate threat, ants do not live in isolation. Ant colonies can quickly become uncontrollable, and repeat infestations are likely if they are not successfully eliminated during the first attempt. At Vertex Pest, we recommend that you contact us for a free quote at the first sign of any ant problems.

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