Bed bugs are small brown insects that belong to the Cimicidae family. The pests feed on your blood, and they like to live in your mattresses, drapes and furniture to remain close to their food source. Bed bugs are mostly found in temperate climates, and you can identify them by their reddish brown coloring. They also have a flat oval body and microscopic hairs that present a banded outer shell.

Bed Bug Risks

Since bed bugs drink blood, they must pierce your skin to eat, and as a result, an infestation will likely result in bedbug bites on your body. The symptoms of a bite include red welts or lumps along with severe itching. You may confuse the bite from a bed bug with the bites that you receive from mosquitos or fleas. However, a bed bug bite will not have a red speck in the center of the lump.

A severe bedbug infestation can cause you to suffer from anemia due to blood loss. Furthermore, bacterial infections may occur. The pest can cause psychological effects. For instance, you may feel stressed or have trouble sleeping at night. If you’re allergic to the pest, then you may suffer from hives or even breathing problems. Fortunately, bedbugs do not transmit diseases.

When to Call a Professional Exterminator

Once you suspect a bed bug infestation, be sure to contact us at Vertex Pest as we are a professional exterminating company. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your infestation and offer a treatment plan. Keep in mind that bed bugs are hardy creatures that are tough to eliminate. Therefore, our experts have access to equipment and chemicals that can remove bed bugs permanently from your home. Be sure to call us at Vertex Pest for assistance.

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