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Westlake Village, CA Pest Control Services

Property owners in Westlake Village often discover that they are sharing their home or business with pests. Insects can cause significant damage and may threaten the health of humans and pets, so it is essential for pest problems to be promptly addressed. Property owners can learn about common pests in the area to ensure that they will be able to detect insect activity before pest problems reach infestation levels.

About Westlake Village

As a community in Southern California, Westlake Village experiences dry, mild weather throughout the year. The warm weather allows pests to be active in all seasons. While it is uncommon for pests to enter buildings in order to find shelter from the weather, insects may nest in homes and businesses when food and water sources are easy to find in the buildings.

Common Westlake Village Pests

Termites are small insects that bore into wood when they are making a nest. Termite swarms may be spotted near a building. When the termites are done swarming, they will lose their wings and work their way into wooden structures. Since termites chew through wood and nest deep within the wooden structures in buildings, these insects often do significant structural damage without being spotted by property owners. Subtle signs of termite infestation include piles of pellet-like droppings, discarded wings and sagging floors.

Roaches often enter buildings in search of food. These pests are known to carry dangerous diseases including several types of gastroenteritis. When roaches move through a building by crawling in walls, ducts and other hidden spaces, they leave behind bacteria that can be circulated throughout the building. Since roaches are nocturnal, many people who are living with a roach infestation are unaware of the issue. Ridding a building of the health hazards of roaches is a matter of exterminating pests and cleaning out the ducts of the building to prevent bacteria from circulating through the HVAC system.

Bed bugs have quickly become a prevalent problem in the United States due to the ability of these insects to easily move from one building to the next by hitching a ride in suitcases, coats or clothing. These tiny insects live on furniture, in mattresses and in the tiny cracks and crevices found along the walls of a room. While bed bugs do not cause structural damage, the fact that they are extremely difficult to eliminate makes these insects a significant concern for property owners. Bed bugs may bite, and people who have an allergic reaction to these bites may experience symptoms including redness, swelling, itching and pain at the site of the bites.

Professional Pest Control Services

Property owners who are dealing with infestation issues may attempt do-it-yourself pest control methods, but these methods only work to eliminate the pests that are easy to find. Professional pest control companies have the expertise and equipment needed to truly get rid of harmful pests that can be lurking in walls, crawlspaces, attics and basements. Vertex Pest Solutions has been helping Westlake Village property owners with their pest problems since 1998. Contact Vertex to learn more about pest control services or to request a free quote.