Modern Santa Clarita, CA is a pillar of Los Angeles County. Although it’s come a long way from its yucca-filled chaparral origins, the region still has a lot of wildlife. While most people don’t typically encounter things like mountain lions, mule deer or coyotes during their daily routines, the warm Mediterranean climate is perfect for pests.

Like many Californians, Santa Clarita’s residents place a high value on preserving the local environment. So how do they deal with nuisance species responsibly? One smart solution is to fight pests by understanding their habits and biology. Here are some facts that might make your battle easier.

Common Pests

Santa Clarita pests come in many varieties. For instance, the region’s proximity to parks and undeveloped preserves makes it prime territory for creatures like spiders, termites, and ants.


Ants are eusocial insects, meaning that they live in organized societies that divide labor based on reproductive duties. For instance, most of the ones that you see in your home or office are workers or soldiers that forage outside the nest in search of food but lack the ability to breed.

There are many species of ants. Some estimates place the total number of North American varieties at around 580. They’re part of the Hymenoptera family along with bees and wasps, and although they’re not as dangerous, they’re just as annoying.

Colonies of these six-legged insects include a single queen that may live for decades, producing millions of shorter-lived workers, soldiers and breeding drones in the process. Ants use scent markers called pheromones to communicate, and foragers can lead others to food sources, like those they find in your kitchen.


Termites are another form of eusocial insect in the Blattodea order, which also includes cockroaches. These species fulfill roles in environments such as forests, where they consume rotting plants.

In human habitations, this diet poses a problem. Since most properties include some amount of wood construction, termites can rapidly degrade building materials.

Termites live in colonies where individuals divide up labor the way bees and ants do. Although some species look similar to ants, most possess significantly larger abdomens and distinct head shapes. As soft-bodied insects, termites require moisture to survive.


Most people don’t want to kill spiders because these eight-legged web-spinners consume other nuisances. Unfortunately, humans don’t always get along well with all types of arachnids.

Some spiders have venomous bites that cause adverse reactions in victims. For instance, the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and other species can subject people to severe pain or tissue death that results in medical emergencies. In the wild, spiders use their venom to paralyze their insect prey.

Dealing With Pests

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